More Enhancements for Dynamics CRM Installation Dialog

Keeping up-to-date with all the requests we are receiving asking us to add even more functionality to the dialog, on top of our day jobs, is a challenge but a good one. So we are busy and happily doing them.

In fact, we already finished localizing the dialog to Spanish. To see it, just change the lcid=1033 in the URL to lcid=1034 and you get the Spanish version (or click here).

Here is the list of new requests:

  • Generate documentation of my deployment configuration
    We agree that this is very useful. So we’ll add the possibility to send you a document (in Word format so you can further edit it if you wish) at the end of the installation with all the configuration choices you made in the dialog.
  • Allow Base Languages other than US English
    Only normal, given the extensive non-English fans of Dynamics CRM. We’ll first allow the user to select all the Language Packs they want to add to the deployment. After that, creating a new Org with a different Base Language is simple
  • Allow adding additional Deployment Administrators
    Just adding a user in Deployment Manager is not enough. There are a whole lot of specific permissions that the new user needs to have, to become a CRM Deployment Administrator
  • Do not allow Reserved Words as Org names
    There is a list out there with names that you cannot use as Org names. Dialog will make sure you cannot use these in the Org name field
  • Allow selecting CRM Server Roles per server
    This would permit, for instance, to combine your Back-end/Front-end  and Deployment Servers or any other combination. But this has more consequences that requires plenty of work in the dialog. But we’ll get there!

There was also a bug that has already been fixed and published:

  • Report Server URL field’s validation rule did not allow certain valid URLs

That’s it for now. Happy Installing!!!