Dynamics CRM Installation Guide now documents it for you

Hi CRMers!!!

More jazzy stuff packed into the dialog.

A new version was just published which has these enhancements incorporated:

  •  Generate Implementation Documentation
    Saves you time documenting your installation. It puts all the configuration settings and values of your particular deployment into a nicely formatted Word document and sends it to you via email
  • Language Packs and non-English Org Base Languages
    User-selected Lang Packs are downloaded and installed with a PowerShell. Then it allows you to create new Orgs with non-English Base Languages
  • Apply Rollup Updates (if applicable)
    Before, it just pointed you to the download page for the RU. You had to know what to install where. Now it takes care of it for you, including the MUI updates for the Lang Packs
  • Do not allow Reserved Words as Org names
    Avoids installation errors, because some words are just not allowed
  • Get Report Server URL PowerShell bug fixed
    This was not working if there were more than one instance of RS on same machine. Now it does.

And here is a complete list of all the pending enhancements, in no particular order:

  • Include Outlook Client installation and configuration (Work in Progress)
  • Include BIDS installation
  • Allow adding additional Deployment Administrators
  • Allow selecting CRM Server Roles per server
  • Add CRM Upgrade Wizard (from CRM 2013 to 2015 or 2016)
  • SubDialog for NLB Configuration
  • Execute AD scripts remotely
  • Optionally Enable Tracing
  • Remove HTTP binding after HTTPS binding is set up
  • Install with all Firewalls On (set Firewall Rules)
  • Extend or Disable ADFS Certificate Rollover
  • Automate USD 2.0 installation
  • Install and configure Dynamics CRM List Component for SharePoint

Keep the feedback coming and Happy Installing!!!