AgileXRM Release Notes 6.1.18169.2040

New Enhancements & Fixes

There is a new release of AgileXRM available and here is a list of the new enhancements and fixes included in it:

Dynamics 365 / CDS for Apps Integration

Support for CDS for Apps

Most notable enhancement is AgileXRM’s support for CDS for Apps, so you can easily build complex Business Processes and Dialogs for your CDS Model-Driven Apps as well as for Dynamics 365. And that, of course, includes support for Unified Interface.

Other enhancements

  • Attach/Detach Document shapes enhanced for Cloud deployment
    Move docs in and out of Dynamics 365/CDS from and into external document repositories, namely: SharePoint, Amazon S3, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, Salesforce, NetSuite, FTP, SFTP
  • Add new view for ProcessTemplates entity: “Proceses my teams can initiate”
  • Update Dynamics 365 SDK to latest version:
  • Security Enhancements:
    • Query functionality to Impersonate other users, restricted to sysadmin only
    • Only sysadmin can use System as security context in Envision/CRM Process Template


  • CRM Plugin was not logging the exception when PostMethodException was thrown
  • CanResumeDialogs function failed on occasions


Notable enhancements are two new very useful Controls that improve and optimize AgileDialog design:

Search Control

Typically used for showing details of a Lookup in the Page, this non-visible Control executes a query (FetchXML) in Dynamics365/CDS to update other controls on the Page with the returned results.

Many times this saves having to use Search Shape steps in the dialog, for a cleaner  more optimized model.

Variable Control

In AgileDialogs, you often find hidden Text Controls so that the context of the dialog can be updated with some value. This technique works but was a bit confusing, so now with the non-visible Variable Control, you can set Custom Attributes with the desired values.

Other enhancements

  • Allow to specify labels for the OK and Cancel buttons in the DialogsEngine.confirm window
  • Breaking change: Text Control of type numeric now store Internal Value instead of Formatted Value
    If you relied on the Formatted Value, you need to modify your dialogs to use Display Value instead
  • Allow empty string for Info Control
    Previously, the validation forced the user set some value
  • Support German and Catalan languages


  • Open Dialog List Page did not identify orgname correctly
  • CRM Lookup Control was not using ControlWidth property
  • AgileDialogs version number was being repeated when dialog did not have Title
  • AgileDialogs was throwing an uncontrolled exception when trying to download an invalid or deleted annotation
  • AgileDialogs Activity was failing if InputParameter property contained special characters in a Custom Attribute

Process Manager

  • Improved sorting in the Activities and Data tabs in the Details section

Envision Process Modeler


  • Set BPF Stage Shape to use supported methods (CRM 8.2+, 9+)
  • Improve Envision Readable XML-file generation
  • Improve CRM Connection window to reduce load-time
  • Improve Environment Explorer: Add Delete and Import operations


  • OOTB Custom Attributes in Schema Mapper were not being populated
  • Changing Email Template name in Send XRM Email shapes failed every other time
  • Page allowed adding 2 Tabs with same name, then entering in an endless error loop
  • Endless error loop if added 2 Tabs and then tried to remove them
  • Ribbon was not being shown correctly in some non-English languages


  • Include NX Service Pack 1 Update 2 HotFix 4 (See Release Notes)
  • Add support for IIS 10
  • Add Private Cloud option
    Apart from OnPremise and Cloud deployment options, there is now a PrivateCloud option


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