AgileXRM Release Notes 6.1.18291.2040

New Enhancements & Fixes

There is a new release of AgileXRM available and here is a list of the new enhancements and fixes included in it:

Envision Process Modeler


  • REST shape
    Call any REST service. It supports REST Access Tokens created in NX.


  • SubDialog shape Wait All Incoming parameter allowed values other than True(Dyanmic) causing unexpected behavior
  • SetStatusMultiple Shape did not complete when async execution was set
  • Performance window in Envision did not behave correctly when an OR shape was present



  • Allow Dialog Designer to include images from within Envision
    This greatly simplifies managing images. Before this, one had to include the URL of an existing image. Now just Copy+Paste an image


  • Decimal Text Control was not showing value correctly when no decimal part was set
  • Numeric Text Control was saving invalid numeric values for certain cultures
  • AfterSubmit parameter did not work when value was URL
  • Combo Control bounded to an OptionSet failed when using REDIS cache

CRM Integration


  • Allow command bar actions to start AgileDialogs using Template Name
  • Create a new AgileDialogs Theme for CDS called theme.cds
  • Adapt AgileXRM solution for CDS


  • Federated authentication did not work when opening a CRM Task for the very first time
  • CrmConnector config window did not show some controls in low-res screens
  • Save as completed option did not work in Unified Interface

Process Manager


  • Added Hierarchical Process Cancellation functionality to Process Cleaner Tool
    Old obsolete processes can now be cancelled by selecting a date-range and the tool will automatically cancel them from top to bottom when there is process hierarchy. This avoids that the cancellation of a child process make the parent process continue.


  • ProcessManager did not refresh ProcessViewer properly
  • There was a memory-leak when using REDIS cache
  • Cancelling a SubDialog did not cancel the parent dialog


  • Support Anonymous users in Cloud for public Dialogs


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