AgileXRM Release Notes 6.1.19010.2050

New Enhancements & Fixes

There is a new release of AgileXRM available and here is a list of the new enhancements and fixes included in it:

Dynamics 365 / CDS Integration


  • Process Template Cleaner Tool includes orphaned instances
  • Process Template Cleaner Tool allows Started Date Ranges
    For instance, cancel all instances still Running from 3 years ago
  • Change Relationship between Process Template and AgileXRM Process Entities
    The relationship type has changed from Parental to Referential to avoid bulk Reassign when Template Owner changes. This was causing unresponsiveness in high-volume environments, while all child instances were being reassigned


  • User could not cancel a CRM Activity linked to AgilePoint



  • New Numeric Control
    It is recommended t use this control instead of a Text Control of type Numeric (change your existing ones to new Numeric Control)
  • Add DialogsEngine.getLabel and setLabel methods
    Labels can now be queried and set via javascript
  • Add new CustomValidationMessage property to input-type controls to allow for standard localization mechanisms


  • Info Control was not displaying the value that was being set via javascript
  • Text Control validation was failing for certain numeric configurations
  • Page Preview window was throwing an exception if Text Control of type Decimal had a DefaultValue with a variable in it

Process Manager

  • None

Envision Process Modeler


  • New AgilePart to call certain API Messages
    This shape allows calling certain Dynamics API Messages:

    • AddUserToRecordTeam
    • RemoveUserFromRecordTeam
    • WhoAmI
    • ReassignObjectsOwner
    • ReassignObjectsSystemUser
    • CalculateRollupField
    • RetrieveExchangeRate
    • AddPrincipalToQueue
    • AddToQueue
    • PickFromQueue
    • ReleaseToQueue
    • RemoveFromQueue
    • ConvertOwnerTeamToAccessTeam
  • Show Global Variables (Shared Custom Attributes) in Schema Picker window


  • Generic Activity Shape was allowing empty activity type at design-time causing exception at runtime
  • Validate action from Ribbon no longer obliges user to add template to CRM


  • Breaking Change: When passing native types to a sub-process, these are no longer converted to String
    For instance a Date or an Float/Decimal are passed as is and not converted. Make sure you do not depend on the string representation of the variables passed from the parent process in the sub-process.
  • Improved custom Process Instance Name generation
    To improve sorting, custom process instance naming convention has improved
  • Include NX Service Pack 1 Update 2 HotFix 5 (See Release Notes)

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