AgileXRM Release Notes 7.0.20106.2040

New Enhancements & Fixes

There is a new major version release of AgileXRM available and here is a list of the new enhancements and fixes included in it:

Dynamics 365 / CDS Integration


  • Show a message in a Process Task when the task is assigned to another user
    Previously the user would not see the task before clicking Assign To Me button
  • Update Dynamics 365 SDK to
  • Enable Change Tracking on AgileXRM custom entities
    This can used in some ALM processes


  • Data in DateTime fields configured as Time-Zone independent were not being saved correctly
  • When refreshing a D365/CDS Activity that had an AgileDialog, a new dialog instance was being created



  • New theme.uui inline with current CDS style
  • Support showing external data within DataBound controls (Grid, Lookup)
  • New Dialog Task design-time flag parameter to create or not Process Instance record in D365/CDS
    This allows avoiding the creation of undesired records in CRM/CDS
  • Support multi-value Option Sets
  • Improve drag & drop UX inside Container Controls
  • Support Relative Time anywhere DateTime is shown
    Rather than showing timestamps which are difficult to decipher, show relative time (e.g. 5 minutes ago, 2 weeks ago etc,)


  • Error was thrown when OnLoadScript invoked DialogsEngine.register and DialogsEngine.setSelectedValue methods
  • DateTime controls were truncated when browser window was narrow
  • Error Messages were truncated for controls placed in the right edge of screen
  • Some culture names were not supported
  • DialogsEngine “Next” feature failed for “PopUp” render mode
  • TextControl did not save data properly when its behavior was set to Decimal
  • XrmGrid control did not show Formatted DateTime values properly
  • Calendar control did not show date fully in theme.cds
  • Occasionally security token was not deemed valid for connecting to D365/CDS

Process Manager

  • Support Relative Time anywhere DateTime is shown
    Rather than showing timestamps which are difficult to decipher, show relative time (e.g. 5 minutes ago, 2 weeks ago etc,)
  • Allow cancelling a suspended process
  • Allow drill-down to dialog process instance when clicking Dialog Task shapes
  • Show latest active root process instance that is not an AgileDialog instance
    Typically a dialog is used to create an entity record and a corresponding life-cycle process is kicked off. It is more important to show the life-cycle process rather than the dialog when viewing Process Manager


  • Process Manager did not apply themes properly
  • Process Manager showed Wait All Incoming icon wrongly
  • Process Manager did not show AgileDialogs history page

Envision Process Modeler


  • New Trigger Power Automate AgilePart
    Kick of any Power Automate Flow using this shape
  • New Upsert Shape
  • Support selecting the D365/CDS Activity Form in all AgileXRM Manual Activity shapes
    This also keeps the correct form visible to the user, even if user tries to change the form to another one
  • D365/CDS Email shape can attach a file stored in SharePoint Online
  • Allow XRM Sub-process shape to share context with a sub-process based on a different Entity Type
  • Control behavior of FetchXML for empty filter value for a D365/CDS GUID field
    If in a Query there is an Equal operator and comparing to a custom attribute that is empty (has no value), and the field is an ID type field (Lookup etc), then D365/CDS API will throw an exception with “Not a valid Guid”. This is OK if this is a modelling error and the right value was not supplied. But sometimes a value may or may not be available to compare to, but still want to pass this to the query. So now there is an Equal or NULL operator and an Equal or Not NULL operator
  • Allow Word shape to store in any of the available different document repositories
  • Support for accepting TEXT in REST shape, additionally to JSON and XML
  • Allow to optionally save D365/CDS Activity field values into Custom Attributes upon completion of the activity
    Previously modeler needed to explicitly query this data in a follow up Search shape
  • Support multiple IDs (semicolon-separated list of IDs) in Detach shape
  • Inject ProcessInitiatorCDSUserId into processes initiated by users from D365/CDS
    Many times it is necessary to search for the userid of the Process Initiator. This new custom attribute avoids having to do the search explicitly
  • Accept a D365/CDS team as a recipient of a D365/CDS Email
  • Support associating an existing D365/CDS Activity to an AgileXRM Manual Activity shape
    Users sometimes create some ad-hoc activities for a particular entity. This new functionality allows these activities to be incorporated in the end-to-end process
  • Improve BPF Stage shape
  • Allow launching independent process using Sub-Process shapes
    This allows to not create any relationship between the parent process launching the other process. This is typically useful for Process Launcher processes
  • Improve Participants UI for all Manual Activity Shapes to support Owner and Queue assignments
    Previously a OwnerID parameter was used, which is now deprecated
  • Allow override of CreatedBy and ModifiedBy in Create Entity and Update Entity shapes
    Sometimes the user of the process execution context is not the right user and modeler requires to set these to another user
  • Execute operation against different environment/organization
    Implement mechanism to execute D365/CDS Operations (Search, Create and Update Entity) in an organization distinct to the current one


  • Some fields (like ZIP / Postal code) were not appearing in Columns tab for their corresponding entities in Search shape
  • Envision Import XML file feature failed
  • REST Shape had runtime error for “x-www-form-urlencoded” content-type
  • Word Shape (online version) configuration failed when more than 2 SharePoint tokens were available
  • Could not select a Dialog on SubDialog activity
  • REST Shape was unable to reset OAUTH configuration once it had been setup
  • Multiple Delete shape failed after deleting first record
  • REST shape did not allow pasting text in the Response details field


  • New Microsoft Power Automate® Connector for AgileXRM
  • Support Azure B2C for External AgileDialogs
  • Support Public Anonymous AgileDialogs
  • Support Chrome 80+ SameSite Cookie changes
  • Could not pass concatenated custom attributes to a sub-process parameter
  • Includes NX v7.0, Software Update 2, Cumulative Update 4  (See Release Notes)

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