Dynamics CRM Installations for everyone!

Just type How to install Dynamics CRM in your search engine and you get back a huge number of hits. And another massive set of pages if you search for CRM issues that are installation-related.

When we arrive at a client, Dynamics CRM is usually already installed there. We just need to connect to it to add our business process functionality. However nearly every time, there are issues. To make it worst client would say “Look, I navigate to CRM and it is working, so the issue is on your side”. Just because CRM Web app is working, does not mean CRM is properly installed and everything else in CRM is also working.

We are yet to find a 100% clean CRM installation (I am sure yours is one of the 100% ones 🙂 ). So we ended up troubleshooting their CRM installation and fixing them until it became clear that if we could find a way to help clients install their CRM properly in the first place, everyone would benefit. No more finger-pointing and joy for all.

So we thought why not use our own dog-food and create a wizard (a dialog) that guides the user with installing CRM in any type of deployment.

The first person we approached (no names) to ask his opinion, if this was doable, told us “It is impossible. Don’t waste your time”. He became our first beta-tester, and an avid fan.

So judge for yourself. Try the dialog and install a fully working environment:

  • Production-ready
  • All best practices incorporated
  • Muti-Server set ups (from 1 to up to 26 servers)
  • Automated through Remote PowerShell
  • Separation of Roles
  • Proper Kerberos
  • Right Service Principal Names
  • DNS
  • Optimizations
  • more…

Of course, do send your feedback (in the dialog itself) for enhancements or bug fixes.

We will try to keep this dialog up-to-date for upcoming version/rollups of the best CRM out there in the market: Dynamics CRM.

Happy installing!