AgileXRM Release Notes 8.0.23142.2040

It is Spring time and that means it is time for a new Release.

The main improvements in this release are the following:

  • Version 8 of the Process Engine
  • Enhanced Search functionality (Search Shape, Search Control and Query-based Controls)
  • Performance Improvements overall
  • Smoother Modeler Experience
  • New Rule Editor in Page Forms

New Enhancements & Fixes

Dataverse Integration


  • Support SSO limitations of PowerApps Native Mobile App
    As SSO is not supported in the Native App, when user navigates to a page with AgileXRM functionality, the user is now notified that it is not supported, and allows the user to click a link to take them to the corresponding page in the browser, where AgileXRM and SSO work correctly and context is not lost
  • Support running a process against multiple selected records in a View
  • “Processes I can Initiate” view uses a more logical filter
  • Support certain operations in a process in current environment in another environment
    The operations Search, Insert and Update can be executed against another org
  • Enable Entity/Activity now generates corresponding Unmanaged Solution for upstream ALM
  • DEPRECATION: A new process variable called ProcessInitiatorId replaces the deprecated ProcessInitiatorCSDId
  • Update Dynamics 365 SDK to 


  • Upsert shape did not populate SaveEntityIdTo property when query found the record
  • Detach Shape was sometimes failing during runtime
  • CrmConnector threw an exception when Process Template record had already been created in Dynamics/Dataverse
  • Process Launcher was taking a lot of time to show data
  • Process Launcher did not render process diagram properly
  • Set Status shape was failing when ClosePendingTask property was set to True
  • Wait For Update shape was failing with “Is Any of These” operator 



  • Add a HTML/RichText Editor Control
  • Improve Search Control and Query-based Controls
    Including improvements in Query, Columns, Mapping and Advanced tabs and support for dynamic custom FetchXML
  • Support Progress Bar and Messages between Pages
    When the steps between two pages are going to take long, allows to inform the end user with a progress bar and informative messages
  • Allow editing the Source HTML of Labels
    Gives full control over the content of the label
  • Support Custom Attributes inside Dialog Title and End Message
  • Allow setting custom labels for Two-Options control (not just Yes/No)
  • Allow Ordering Radio Buttons based on OptionSet
  • Allow 3 Grids in a row: Minimum Column Span is now 4 (instead of 6)
  • Add Ordered and Unordered List functionality to Label editor
  • Add SignOut option to Page Form Editor
  • Button background contrast increased in theme.uui
  • Added better support for DPI > 100%
  • When IFrame Control has no file to display, show a more friendly message 


  • “Reassign To Me” button was not showing in the user message informing that this is not your activity
  • When Stages were enabled, page was not rendering properly
  • Custom Validation was executing for hidden controls
  • PageForm editor was taking excessive time to copy large amount of controls
  • An unnecessary vertical scrollbar was showing when rendered with the non-hosted option
  • History was not working if Page was in a loop
  • Grid was not working correctly if REST returned empty JSON
  • Page columns were not aligning correctly
  • Resizing Dataverse window was not centering AgileDialogs window correctly
  • AutoNext in Grids was not working the second time if going back to the grid page
  • Scrollbars were not responding to mouse clicks if Page Width was not 100%
  • Search Control was not mapping to attributes from a linked entity
  • Validation message window was left open when navigating back
  • Default value for Numeric Control was overriding old value
  • Required flag was not always at end of last line of label
  • Auto-scroll was not working with Continuous Render mode
  • Grid Control was not always returning the correct number of rows
  • Undo (CTRL+Z) in Control Caption editor did not work correctly
  • Dialog Task assigned dynamically via custom FetchXML was not being assigned correctly

Process Manager


  • Performance improvements


  • Process Manager did not always provide correct information about sub-process status
  • Show All Processes functionality was not working if processes had been deleted/archived
  • Open Task functionality was not opening Completed Dialog Tasks
  • Under certain circumstances process status was not being shown correctly

Process Modeler


  • New Rule Editor in Page Form Editor
    Easy to configure Rules greatly reducing the need to use javascript to customize Page Forms
  • Support M:1 and M:M Relationships in Search
  • Add Clone Action to Environment Explorer
    The Clone action allows duplicating an exiting process or dialog model with a different name. This is the only supported way to rename a process.
  • Handle “WS Trust Auth” deprecation for all new Dynamics 365/Dataverse Organizations
    Microsoft deprecated Basic Authentication, so this enhancement allows using OAuth instead
  • Environment Explorer Check-Out button now always does a Get-Latest
    When more than one modeler is working on a model, this enhancement ensures no work is overwritten by the other modeler
  • Logic Inspector improved to include all variables in all shapes
    And also takes into account Global Variables and performance improved
  • Add keyboard-shortcuts to AgileXRM Ribbon buttons
  • Allow empty string for Equals and Does Not Equal operators for string-type fields
  • DEPRECATION: Change Ownership and Change Ownership (Multi) shapes are deprecated
    Use Update Entity and Update Entity (Multi) shapes instead


  • Certain XPDL files were failing to import
  • Delete key inside the property grid was deleting the shape rather than the item in the grid 
  • Sub-Process shapes failed to Validate when Template Name was a custom attribute
  • Environment Explorer had some unhandled exceptions
  • REST Shape Schema Mapper lost mapping information after select “Only Unmapped Items” option
  • REST Shape Schema Mapper was taking too much time to open
  • REST shape config would fail if service was not retuning any data in the body
  • Query Expression Editor threw an exception when the same related entity was added multiple times
  • SetStatus and SetStatusMulti shapes were sometimes being misconfigured
  • Multi Shapes were allowing contradictory configurations
  • Could not delete the last row of Activity Properties
  • Could not set Priority for Manual Activities
  • WCF shape was throwing an exception after closing config window
  • CheckIn and Undo CheckOut was failing if modeler account name had changed case


  • Security: Hide and Encrypt Secret Key in CRM Connector
  • Security: Encrypt Secret Key in root web.config
  • New Azure DevOps Tasks for Process Template Import/Export
  • Includes NX v8.0, Software Update 2, Cumulative Update 4 (See Release Notes)
  • New AgileXRM Administration PowerShell Module (Preview)
  • “Get Process Data” task in the AgileXRM Connector for Microsoft Flow was not retrieving data from the Process Engine
  • Process Import Tool was not loading .zip files with non-ascii chars in file name
  • Known issue: AAD User Virtual Entity cannot be used in AgileXRM because it does not support Client Credentials